I need help with backing up files from the command line. We have a shared folder in the office containing numerous files and subfolders. Currently, I perform full backups every morning, which is not efficient because most files remain unchanged for days.

I have decided to backup only files created and modified the previous day. However, I cannot find a solution that deals with the “date created” attribute of files.

For instance, if a user creates a file on their desktop a week ago and copies it to the shared folder yesterday, it won’t be included in the backup because its “date modified” is a week ago, and its “date created” is the date it was copied on.

Similarly, if a user moves a file to the shared folder yesterday, the “date created” and “date modified” attributes remain the same, and the file won’t be included in the backup. I have considered changing the creation and modified dates of the file when it’s copied/moved to the folder, but I don’t like this idea.

Another option is to use Robocopy to create a file/folder list of everything in the shared folder, compare it to the previous list, and add new files to the backup. However, I haven’t made any progress so far.

I would appreciate any native solutions to this issue.

We use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on all PCs in the office.

Thank you.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 27, 2023