The issue is that around 5% of the time when I use the “win + L” shortcut to lock my computer, it goes to the lock screen and then quickly displays the “Project” window after pressing “w + P”. When I log back in, I find that several windows are open:

  • 5-6+ instances of windows explorer(.exe) (win + e)
  • 2 instaces of ‘Run’ (win + R)
  • Settings (win + I)
  • Visual Studio (win, v, i, s)

My desktop computer is equipped with numerous programs including editing, development, gaming, and general software like python websockets, autohotkey, and various anti-cheat programs for games. The extensive list of programs running makes it difficult to pinpoint the culprit(s) responsible for certain issues.

I have attempted to use the event viewer to detect any unusual events but have not found any.

I require assistance with troubleshooting this problem as I am uncertain how to search for a solution. I am struggling to find the appropriate terms to use in my search, and my ability to conduct effective searches on Google is inadequate. Any guidance on how to approach this issue would be much appreciated.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 23, 2023