I’ve been struggling with a problem for more than a year and would be extremely grateful if someone could assist me in resolving it.

Whenever I use my laptop with 8GB of physical memory for an extended period of time, it eventually stops working due to running out of memory, resulting in various memory-related errors. Strangely enough, the percentage of memory usage displayed in the task manager never changes, which has always perplexed me.

However, after recently studying virtual memory, I discovered that my laptop has a total of 32GB, as indicated by the “Committed” Memory. At this very moment, I’m experiencing a memory issue and have closed all applications to type this message. The committed memory usage is currently 30.2/31.9GB, which, if I’m correct, is the amount of space that processes have reserved to operate.

I’ve checked the Resource Monitor and summed up all the values in the Commit (KB) column, which only adds up to around 6GB, leaving me baffled as to what’s causing the problem. Could it be an application with a memory leak?

I’m not sure where to start, so I’ve included some screenshots and welcome any questions or advice.

Resource manager sorted by commit:

I have installed RamMap and these numbers are what I see, but they don’t appear to total up to 30 gigabytes. What specific information should I be searching for?

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