I have a strange issue where my computer will not shut down. Instead, it will blink for about 3-5 seconds (the slow sleep-state blink) and then it will start up/wake up on its own. This also happens when I try to put the computer to sleep.

I have tried a number of things to troubleshoot this issue:

  • Resetting Windows 10 using the Troubleshoot option at boot
  • Resetting the BIOS settings to the default and disabling wake on LAN
  • Updating all drivers, including the BIOS (last official update was in December 2015 and I have been using the computer since early 2016)
  • Disallowing wake events to wake the computer
  • Disabling hibernate/hybrid sleep
  • Checking all devices in Device Manager and disabling the option to allow them to wake the computer (only the LAN driver had this option)
  • Removing all cables except for the mouse, keyboard, and monitor (there is no WiFi)
  • Checking the physical power button
  • Disabling the Windows Maintenance Activator and manually running the maintenance tasks
  • Running the command powercfg waketimers which returned nothing
  • Running the command powercfg -DEVICEQUERY wake_armed which returned “NONE”
  • Checking if I could use System Restore, but it was disabled
  • Removing the weak UPS and connecting the computer directly to a power strip
  • Cleaning the graphics card because it was in a strange position. The rest of the inside of the computer was last cleaned in December
  • Checking the condition of the motherboard battery (which appears to be fine – after draining the capacitors and cutting power to the PSU for a minute, the system time is still correct (50ms ahead)). I will replace it when I get back to the computer.

Despite these efforts, the issue persists. When I run powercfg /lastwake, I get no useful information (no wake source). When I check the Event Viewer, the wake source is listed as “unknown”.

I am out of ideas and don’t know what could be causing this issue. Could it be a problem with the motherboard? The computer is over 10 years old (though the battery seems to be working fine) and has been running Windows 10 without issue since it was released. The BIOS was last updated in 2015.

I will not have physical access to the computer for the next month (it is at my parent’s house and I live abroad). However, I do have Teamviewer access, so if you have any suggestions for solutions that don’t require physical access, please let me know.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 19, 2023