It was previously possible to decline updates from Microsoft and continue using Skype However, as of today, attempting to run Skype 7 on Windows 10 results in the program running for a short period of time before closing and prompting the user to either upgrade to Skype 8 or exit.

The methods previously suggested for preventing this upgrade prompt, are no longer effective. Is there a solution to this issue? It is not desired to upgrade to Skype 8 or downgrade to an earlier, potentially unsafe version of Skype prior to 7.41.

On a separate computer, the same version of Skype with the same account was able to function for an additional three days before encountering the mandatory update requirement. On a third computer, the same version of Skype is still functioning properly.

It is believed that the problem may be caused by a forced update of the Skype update checker, which could explain the non-simultaneous occurrence of the issue on different computers. An older version of Skype, 7.36 with updates disabled, continues to run smoothly on all systems.

Askify Moderator Edited question May 4, 2023