The game in question is Phantom Dust, an outdated game that I want to improve visually. To achieve this, I discovered an application called Reshade that can potentially enhance the game’s graphics with various filters.

However, to make Reshade work properly with the game, I need to activate the game’s executable file by clicking on it, instead of using the Microsoft-made shortcut currently available on the taskbar or start menu.

Therefore, my plan is to convert the game’s EXE file into a regular one that I can click on to launch the game. Additionally, I aim to transfer the game to my flash drive so that I can run it from there.

The included image shows the game’s EXE file and a message that appears after clicking on it.

If I try to launch the game by double-clicking its executable file instead of using the game shortcut, a message pops up. As a result, if I attempt to drag and drop the executable file into Reshade, it will not function correctly.

Askify Moderator Edited question May 1, 2023