Initially, I intended to ask how to transform a Windows folder tree into a Word outline, but my inquiry is broader than that, and this was just one approach I had considered. Essentially, my problem is that I have a substantial shared folder and file tree, and I want to undertake a conceptual assessment of its structure, reorganizing and simplifying it to make it more user-friendly.

I am seeking a tool that will allow me to edit the folder tree structure quickly and easily, but not directly on the live folder tree. I plan to design a new simplified structure, obtain feedback from my colleagues, and then transition to it.

Word’s outline view is the best tool I have discovered for hierarchical structure planning and experimentation. It enables me to collapse and expand sections, move entire sub-trees, and so on. As a result, I looked for an effortless method to obtain a Word outline format of the folder tree, but my search was unsuccessful.

I am aware of the tree command-line tool in DOS, which can produce a graphic representation of the tree using ASCII characters, and I can redirect its output to a file or another program. However, it is not suitable for generating a file that I can readily use in Word for my purposes.

As a result, I am seeking guidance on how to address my issue. It may entail converting a folder structure into a Word document of headings suitable for outline processing, as I initially sought, or any other methods for planning modifications to a complex existing folder hierarchy.

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