I am attempting to determine the overall amount of virtual memory that a process utilizes, which includes any swapped, cached, or pagefile data that may be stored on the disk. The statistics available in the Task Manager only pertain to the space occupied in the physical RAM, and do not provide information on these other forms of memory usage:

These are the memory-related columns that I have selected:

I have not observed any other columns that appear to correspond to my desired metric. Based on the output from R’s gc() and memory.size() functions, the expected value for this metric is approximately 2GB.

<span>#             used   (Mb) gc trigger   (Mb)  max used   (Mb)</span>
<span># Ncells   1361878   72.8    2309944  123.4   1737286   92.8</span>
<span># Vcells 254023597 1938.1  614368770 4687.3 611808900 4667.8</span>
<span># [1] 2051.88</span>
<span># [1] 8544</span>

However, the “max used” value indicated by gc() appears to align closely with the “Peak working set” metric. It is unclear whether the latter pertains to the total virtual memory or just the physical memory usage.

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