I observed an unusual behavior while running a Windows 10 setup, where a subdirectory was renamed at a certain point during the setup process. When I tried running the setup.exe by right-clicking it and selecting “Run as administrator” in Windows Explorer, it failed due to a permission issue when attempting to rename the subdirectory.

However, when I opened cmd.exe as an administrator and ran the setup.exe from the command line, it completed successfully. I’m wondering what caused this difference in behavior and why running the setup as an administrator from two different sources led to different outcomes.

For context, the setup created a directory structure starting from c:\personal, with the initial subdirectory path being c:\personal\platform\db, and the renamed subdirectory path being c:\personal\platform\database.

The user account running the setup was part of the Administrators group, and the user was the owner of the setup process in both cases.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 30, 2023