Many solutions on how to turn off the Action Center (AC) assume that you also want to disable notifications altogether. However, what the author really wants is to make Windows function as if the AC does not exist, but still receive notifications in their original format and on the individual schedule set by each application.

Specifically, the author desires to see the original “toasters” in Outlook for new email notifications as they did before the AC was introduced. Despite reaching out to Microsoft, the author could not find a way to accomplish this. While attempting to disable the AC, the author found that most methods either turn off notifications or simply hide the AC icon without altering its behavior.

The author’s motivation for this is that they find the AC’s behavior unproductive and bothersome at times, such as when notifications cease unexpectedly or when past notifications appear one after the other with no clear way to stop them.

Askify Moderator Edited question May 1, 2023