As a remote worker, I own two Windows 10 laptops that are wirelessly connected to the same router at home. To log into my personal laptop, I use a Microsoft account, while for my work laptop, I use my company email address, which can also be accessed through DOMAIN\USERNAME. Even though my work laptop is not joined to the domain and is a member of WORKGROUP, it is connected to my company’s Azure AD as shown in the Windows Settings. Although my user account is not visible in the Local Users and Groups, it is listed as a member of the local Administrators group as DOMAIN\USERNAME. While I can VPN to my company network, I generally don’t need to.

Now, I am wondering how to access network shares on my work laptop from my personal laptop. However, when I attempt to connect using \COMPUTERNAME, I am prompted to enter my credentials. Despite trying all possible combinations, I receive an error message saying “The user name or password is incorrect.”

[email protected]
MicrosoftAccount\[email protected]

I’ve verified that I can log on locally to my work laptop with [email protected] or DOMAIN\USERNAME, so I know I have the correct credentials and password.

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