I am unable to enlarge my Windows 10 partition using various partitioning tools such as GParted from my Ubuntu installation, Partition Manager on Windows, or EaseUS Partition Master on Windows.

The probable reason for this is the absence of free space adjacent to the partition, even though there is some unallocated space available.

The disk structure is such that the EFI system partition is followed by Win10, Ubuntu, unallocated space, and a Linux distro. To expand the Windows partition, I attempted to utilize the unallocated space by extending into it, allowing me to shrink it from the right and generate unallocated space to the left of Win10. However, GParted cautioned me that this process is risky since it involves relocating the start of file systems.

Is it possible to relocate entire partitions so that I can move my Windows partition beside the unallocated space and expand it?

Askify Moderator Edited question May 3, 2023