I am facing a problem that I haven’t been able to solve despite searching online. The problem is related to my encrypted external hard drive using BitLocker which has stopped working. Here’s what happened:

After installing a few Windows updates, I received an error message on the drive that said: “The Bitlocker encryption on this drive isn’t compatible with the version of windows. Try opening the drive using newer a version of windows.”

Normally, I would be prompted to enter a password when I try to access the drive, but now I am unable to type in any password.

I have attempted several solutions, but so far, none of them have worked.

manage-bde -unlock I: -password, but I get this error

It is important to mention that I still have the password, but unfortunately, I have misplaced the recovery key. I attempted to resolve the issue by updating the BIOS, which is typically recommended, but it did not work. I also tried connecting the external drive to a different port, but that was also unsuccessful.

I am not entirely convinced that the drive is corrupted, but I am seeking advice from others who may have encountered a similar problem. The error message clearly indicates that it is a compatibility issue, but it’s always worth exploring other possibilities.

Is it really necessary to revert back to previous versions of Windows? If possible, I would prefer to avoid that option. My last resort would be to use the M3 Bitlocker Recovery Tool, but that’s not ideal since the drive is quite large, spanning several terabytes.

Additional info:

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