I am inquiring about the latest version 1809 of Windows 10 Pro for x64 systems. The device in question may have Secure Boot enabled or disabled and is able to utilize custom Secure Boot keys.

The driver that I have written, which is intended for personal use on my primary laptop, needs to be loaded at startup. Due to security concerns and the potential added cost, I am hesitant to use Test Mode or obtain a paid certificate.

Is there a method to load a driver that is signed with my own key, allowing for manual trust in Windows and Secure Boot, without enabling Test Mode for all drivers?

I have come across an article that suggests this is possible, however, it mentions that this method only persists until the next Windows restart.

This happy circumstance of your having your own driver executing despite its having your own signature will persist through sleeps and hibernations until you next restart Windows.

Has anyone had success in persistently loading a self-signed driver using a similar approach?

Askify Moderator Edited question May 5, 2023