I recently installed a new SSD on my 5-6 year old Windows 10 PC and was trying to copy data over from the old HDD. However, upon restarting the PC, I am now only experiencing a black screen. Despite trying multiple troubleshooting methods such as leaving the PC on for extended periods of time, disconnecting and reconnecting cables, clearing the CMOS, and trying different SATA ports for both the HDD and SSD, the issue persists.

Additionally, I attempted using the key combinations Windows + B and Windows + V for a few minutes each with no luck. The PC continues to automatically restart every 20 seconds, and all fans seem to be running at maximum power.

I also attempted using a Windows 10 installation tool on a USB, but the PC doesn’t seem to be recognizing it. I am using a HP Pavilion h8-1360t PC and a XFX Radeon RX 480 graphics card.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and let me know if more information is needed.

Thank you.

Askify Moderator Edited question May 4, 2023