If I have a folder X on Windows Server 2016 that contains a junction point to another folder Y on the same machine and volume, and I share X over the network, will a remote user who connects to X be directed to Y?

The challenge is that the location and name of Y change periodically after a scheduled task execution, but I want remote users to always use the same network share name (X). One option is to update the junction point during the task’s execution, but I’m looking for other solutions.

Recreating or updating a network share named X and pointing it directly to Y works, but only if X is a top-level share.

I need a solution that also works for a subfolder A within Y, where remote users can access it via the network path X\A, as well as for a different path on the machine accessed via a network path such as X\B, which could be achieved by creating a junction point from Y\B to another path.

Can this be done?

Askify Moderator Edited question April 28, 2023