I noticed that there is a new release of Inkscape, and I decided to upgrade to the most recent version. The installation process removed the previous version and commenced the installation of the new version (0.92.4).

Regrettably, the installation is taking a long time. It is presently 10:37 in my local time, and according to Process Explorer, the installation began at 09:44, which means that it has been running for over 50 minutes with minimal progress.

From the labels I can see it still does something. The line

Search in: […]\numpy\distutils

sometimes changes.

I have observed that the kernel time is excessively elevated. Additionally, I am wondering how I can expedite the installation process to match its previous speedy installation time (which took less than five minutes, in my opinion).

For the installation, I am utilizing the Inkscape 0.92.4 Windows 64 Bit Exe Installer, and my operating system is Windows 10.

I’ve tried:

  • killing the Setup and restarting.
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