I am trying to install Visual Studio Community 2019 to a set of offline computers. I have followed the Visual studio instructions precisely and i have created the offline cache folder with all the files and .exe however when i try to install Visual Studio using the offline installer i get a prompt that it is “just getting things ready” then shows a window which attempts to download packages but again i have no network on these computers and i am really scratching my head as to why a OFFLINE installer is trying to connect to the internet…

What the hell is it doing and can i get it to skip this step somehow ?

here is what i have done:

1: Download the Visual Studio Comminity 2019 bootstrapper from:


2: Rename the downloaded Visual studio bootstrapper to vs_community.exe.

3: Within the CMD window enter: vs_community.exe –layout C:\vslayout –lang en-US

where C:\vslayout is the folder which shall be created and used to store the offline installer so change the path and name as preferred.

4: To install Visual studio using the offline installer, open the offline installers and run the setup.exe

But i get these dam windows popping up?

Before we get started we need to setup a few things…

Installer downloading files…

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