I often handle comparable data extractions and aim to enhance my productivity while converting them. My usual approach involves using the small black cross that appears when hovering over the active cell to autofill a field till the end of the range in the adjacent column:

In this instance, my task is to extend the series in column A by populating the rows starting from 3 downwards. Although I can use keyboard shortcuts to open the fill dialogue box and autofill the cells, it requires me to first scroll down to the end of the data in the adjacent column, which can be time-consuming for large data sets.

The keyboard shortcut Shift+↓ takes me to the end of the sheet instead of the intended range, which makes it cumbersome. While the black cross icon activated by the mouse can accomplish this task easily, I am unsure of how to replicate it using keyboard shortcuts.

Do you have any suggestions? It would be incredibly useful!

Askify Moderator Edited question April 30, 2023