Let’s imagine a scenario where there are multiple machines that are linked together in a LAN. To keep things straightforward, let’s make the following assumption:

Beta PC //referred later how server side

Alpha PC// referred later how the client side [remote user]

Alpha currently has access to a shared folder on Beta’s system using the RemoteUserTypeA account. Is there a way for Alpha to disconnect from the shared folder using their client-side and then reconnect again but with the RemoteUserTypeB account?

There are two issues to address. Firstly, the solution must come from the server side. Secondly, the current solution only works partially, as although the server can terminate the client session, the client can easily reconnect by clicking on another directory within the shared folder. Ideally, the login window should reappear at this point, but it does not.

To resolve this, there needs to be a way for Alpha (client-side) to disconnect from the shared folder and then reconnect using a different user account on Beta’s (server-side) system. The clients involved may be running Windows 7, 8, or 10. Currently, the only way to switch user accounts on the client side is to shut down the client’s PC, which is not a practical solution.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 29, 2023