How to change the username when accessing a local network share in Windows 10 Pro 1903?


  1. I am trying to access a local network share \\\, my home NAS.
  2. Windows prompted me for a login and password, which I provided and were accepted.
  3. Six out of seven folders/network shares on my NAS are accessible to all users, and I can access them without issue. However, the 7th share is only accessible by admins.
  4. Windows prompted me for network credentials again, but this time in a different dialog window:

How do I change the username in this dialog to “admin”? The username field is not editable and the “More choices” button is disabled.

Note: My mouse gets frozen for 10-30 seconds when clicking anywhere within the dialog.

Side note: I have only been using Windows 10 Pro for the past five hours, so this is new to me.

For years I used Windows 7 Home with the same home network/NAS and never had an issue. Whenever access was denied, the dialog presented was editable for both username and password.

Askify.me Answered question January 30, 2023