I have a powerful gaming PC with good specifications including a 250gb SSD and 2tb HDD, and an old MacBook that I use for daily internet browsing. However, my new job requires me to use a clean Windows install and specific software that doesn’t have a Mac version.

I am considering creating a new partition on my PC, installing Windows and the required software there, but I want to ensure that the two partitions are completely separate from each other to prevent any interference.

I’m concerned about the safety of this setup since I tend to install things recklessly on my PC, and I’m not sure if a virus could infect both partitions. If it’s not possible to create separate partitions, I’m considering getting a new SSD and installing everything on it to ensure complete separation from my gaming SSD/HDD without physically disconnecting them.

Although I’m aware that this request from my employer may seem unreasonable, I’m willing to comply.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 26, 2023