I have two monitors hooked up to two different graphics processing units (GPUs), and I want the workload to be evenly distributed between them. However, this is not happening – even though the video is being displayed on the second monitor, all of the video decoding is being handled by the main GPU. I’ve searched online for similar problems, but none of the solutions I’ve found have addressed my specific issue.

Based on my Google searches, it seems like achieving the outcome I want is impossible – unless there is some specialized software that can help. The problem I’m trying to address in this question is how to select which GPU is used for each application. Unfortunately, Windows recommends using the same GPU for both power savings and maximum performance, which prevents me from using any available solutions to this problem.

I have two questions to ask:

  1. Is it feasible to make sure that the GPU connected to a particular monitor handles all rendering tasks?
  2. Can I manually select which GPU to use for specific power-saving profiles or other settings in Windows?

To provide some context, I have a GTX 1060 and a GT 730 graphics card, with one monitor connected to each GPU.

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