I removed a folder named installshieldappupdate (not entirely sure of the name) from C:/programfiles (unsure if it was x86) that only had a small executable file, which I believed was not significant because it was consuming my data in the background.

Whenever I connect my laptop to my mobile hotspot, it becomes a real inconvenience as I have limited data. However, after deleting it, I can no longer connect to client-based applications like Discord or Steam on my mobile hotspot.

These applications get stuck on the “checking for updates” screen at startup. Interestingly, Firefox browsers and Discord web function correctly on the same network. At this point, I realize that the application might be necessary, and I want to reinstall it to make my Discord and Steam apps work correctly, as well as loading online games.

I attempted to reinstall the application via Google search, but all I found was Flexera software, which appeared unrelated to the previously deleted file and did not work similarly.

Is it possible to recover the file?

Can anyone help me retrieve it or suggest an alternative solution?

Would I have to reinstall Windows to recover the deleted file?

It is worth noting that I use mobile data because my area does not have a fiber connection, and my operating system is Windows 10.

Askify Moderator Edited question May 1, 2023