I have a desktop PC and a laptop both at home, and I’d like to remotely access the desktop from my laptop. Both devices are running Windows 10, and I used my Microsoft account to create user profiles on both devices. The laptop uses the same password as my Microsoft account, but the desktop does not.

When I try to remotely access the desktop using the computer name and my credentials, I am unable to do so using either password. The Remote Desktop (RD) recognizes the desktop on the network since it prompts for credentials, but it will not allow me to access it. The auto-populated account for remote access is MicrosoftAccount\[email protected], but neither my Windows account password nor my Microsoft account password works for this. I have also tried using DESKTOPNAME\[email protected], but that did not work either.

Can you tell me the proper way to authenticate from Remote Desktop in this situation?

Askify Moderator Edited question May 5, 2023