I am a bit perplexed because after setting up a new computer at work and installing the usual software, including TortoiseHg and Paint.NET, I have noticed that the application icons for Paint.NET have replaced all the shortcuts to TortoiseHg for some unknown reason:

Reinstalling either software does not solve the issue, but uninstalling Paint.NET does. Even clearing the icon cache by removing %LocalAppData%\IconCache.db does not resolve the problem. As a result, all of the default shortcuts to TortoiseHg are now simply shortcuts to the application without any specific file path, making it impossible to modify the icon of the shortcut:

I am currently unsure of the cause, but I suspect that the Windows Installer may be experiencing some confusion with its application database. However, I do not have any idea on how to confirm or address this issue.

The shortcut, along with the application icon in the registry, points to the correct icon at %SystemRoot%\Installer{50AF3472-30AD-42C5-84FF-8A1ACE7CEFBF}\thgIcon.ico. Furthermore, {50AF3472-30AD-42C5-84FF-8A1ACE7CEFBF} is also the product GUID for TortoiseHg in the registry.

Therefore, from what I can gather, it appears that this product is correctly set up.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 25, 2023