I have a 239 GB VHDX file that was originally formatted as NTFS and contains important files such as proprietary code, game development assets, and artwork.

While trying to create an Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 installer on a flash drive using Rufus, I accidentally formatted the VHD as FAT32. I was able to cancel the operation before it started writing to the drive and set it to read-only, but I’m unsure if the files are still recoverable.

I’ve tried using Recuva and deep scanning the drive, but the process is estimated to take 9 hours and may not yield any results.

I’m also considering using TestDisk, but I don’t know how it works. I have a month-old backup of the drive, but it would be a setback to use it since it doesn’t contain the newer files that I’m particularly interested in.

The VHD itself, as seen in Windows Explorer.

A screenshot of the drive details, as provided by Windows. (note the incorrect partition name)

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