I have organized my computer with two SSDs, one for Windows and programs (C) and the other for additional programs (E), and two HDDs for storage (D & F). Whenever I access the Recycle Bin located on the C drive, the D drive starts up, even if it is empty. The same thing happens with some folders that are not linked to D or F.

This can be frustrating as the D drive takes a while to start up. I am unsure if I have made an error with my partitioning or if there is another issue causing this. In the Disk Manager, everything appears to be set up as “Primary Partition” according to the screenshot.

Therefore, I am considering changing this and wondering if it is a wise decision:

The HDDs are identified as Disks 0 and 2, while the SSDs are Disks 1 and 3.

I have more information available, but I am uncertain about what details are necessary as I am unsure what could be causing the problem.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 29, 2023