Problem: After removing English UK language pack on a Windows 10 laptop, the language still reappears after each reboot.

Details: During Windows 10 installation, I selected English US (native) and English UK as my languages. I later removed English UK via TaskBar’s Language Button > Language Preferences > English (United Kingdom) > Remove. Despite the removal, I still have to switch between languages with two alt-shifts. On the taskbar, all 3 languages appear, but only 2 show on the Language Settings page and the Get-WinUserLanguageList command.

Attempts: I have tried adding and removing the UK pack again, which temporarily resolves the issue but reappears after each reboot.

System Info: Windows 10 Home (1903), Build 18362.356 on a 64-bit Inspiron 5579.

Askify.me Answered question January 30, 2023