I usually develop my apps on my SSD (C: drive). However, I decided to use my secondary hard drive (D: drive, which is a 2TB hard drive) for this project because I expected the node_modules folder to be very large. After cloning the repository, I used Ubuntu (via Windows Subsystem for Linux) to run npm install.

The installation took a while, and after I had finished a cup of coffee, my hard drive had completely disappeared. It is not showing up in the Disk Manager, Device Manager, or even the BIOS. I am at a loss as to what could have caused this issue, as I can’t understand how installing dependencies could result in a corrupted hard drive.

I am wondering if the issue might have something to do with the way that WSL handles paths, but this is just a guess. I would be extremely grateful for any help or suggestions on how to resolve this problem, as I do not have a backup of the important data on the disk.

Here are some additional details about my machine:

  • Asus Gaming Laptop (Asus GL503VM)
  • Running Windows 10 Home (Version 1903, OS build 18362.356)
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