I am having an issue with my AHK script that controls my volume and media using keyboard shortcuts. I have been using the script for years without any issues, but today I attempted to add a new shortcut using the “Win” key and the scroll wheel to control my volume. However, when using this shortcut, my start menu began flashing open and closed, and Chrome would occasionally zoom in or out.

I tried changing the shortcut to use the “Alt” key instead of “Win”, which fixed the start menu flickering, but Chrome continued to zoom in and out. I have determined that zooming in Chrome is only triggered by holding the “Ctrl” key, and holding “Alt” while scrolling does not cause zooming.

I have also tested the shortcut in Windows Explorer and found that it causes zooming in files and folders as well. Based on these observations, I believe the issue is with my AHK script.

I am using the latest version of AHK, v1.1.30.01.

Can anyone provide insight into why my script may be intermittently causing my computer to press “Ctrl” and cause zooming in Chrome and Windows Explorer?

Askify Moderator Edited question May 4, 2023