HR has asked me to set up a machine or laptop for potential candidates to use during job interviews to create a sample application. The account used by the candidates should automatically delete any data they create on the local machine after they log out. The account should not have local administrator privileges, and should not be able to install new applications. However, the account should be able to access the applications already installed on the system, and potentially a specific network location where the candidate can store their work for review or in case of a system crash.

I believe I have seen temporary accounts like this in a Windows environment before, but I am unable to find reliable documentation on how to create one. I am curious if this is a per-machine setting or if it can be defined via Group Policy Objects (GPOs), which would make it easier to replace the machine or laptop in the future.

Although there is a “guest” account in Windows, it does not automatically delete data created by the user. Additionally, it may be difficult to set up access to a network location for a guest account.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 28, 2023