I require assistance with a boot problem on my Windows 10 computer. I upgraded to a larger SSD and installed Windows 10 on it while the old SSD was still present. However, upon booting, the system still uses the old SSD to start Windows on the new SSD.

I now want to remove the old SSD, but I am unsure if this is possible due to the Recovery and EFI System Partition being located on the old SSD. The new SSD is Disk4 and the old one is Disk5:

Is it feasible to resolve the issue through the following steps:

1. Use the Disk Management tool to reduce the size of the Windows 10 partition on Disk4.
2. Shift the partition to the end of the available space (is this achievable through the Disk Management tool?).
3. Create or transfer a recovery partition (is this achievable?).
4. Create or transfer the EFI System partition (is this achievable?).
5. Create the BootManager using bcdedit.

All of the above steps must be carried out without losing any of the data or installations on Disk4. I am familiar with the steps required on Linux, but I am less certain about how to execute them on Windows. Thank you for your assistance.

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