For years, I have been using an app named ‘Fastnote’ on my Android phone to take notes. The app automatically saves notes with a filename corresponding to the first line of the note.

This automatic saving feature is quite useful, but it leads to filenames containing special characters such as ” or , which are valid in Android but not in Windows.

Consequently, whenever I attempt to back up my notes consisting of 1,800 files in 70 folders on my Windows 10 PC, those files fail to copy. Although I can create a zip file and copy it to my PC, it does not help much since unzipping the file on the PC excludes any file with invalid characters in its name.

Is there a way to remove all invalid characters from filenames automatically? This could be done either on the phone before copying, during the copy operation using a USB connection, or during unzipping in Windows.

Note that having a backup is insufficient since I need to access the files on my PC completely. Therefore, I need to convert the filenames to a format that Windows can handle to have a fully accessible backup on my PC.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 23, 2023