I have run into a very frustrating issue where my computer updates and restarts without notice. I have tried to disable this setting, but have encountered the message “Some settings are managed by your organization”, but I am not part of an organization, own my Windows 10 license, and am not enrolled in the insider program.

Many Google searches have suggested that I enter the group policy editor to disable these policies in the “Windows Update” settings, but it appears that no policies are configured here, so I do not think that this is the issue. I have also seen suggestions to look in the registry editor, but the suggested settings to modify do not appear in my editor. I am truly at a loss here!

I have attached a list of all the installed policies. Any advice on how I would go about removing all of these would be immensely appreciated!

  1. Auto install and restart at an IT-specified time with no notifications
  2. Schedule Update Install Day
  3. Schedule Update Install Time
  4. Get Updates for Other Microsoft Products
  5. Disable Pause Updates by User
  6. Quality Update Deferral Period
  7. Feature update deferral period
  8. Exclude Drivers from Windows Quality Updates
  9. Enable Automatic Updates
  10. Enable Skipping Battery Checks for EDU Devices

All of these have the source Administrator and type: Mobile Device Management. I am the sole administrator account, so I do not understand why these are here.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 28, 2023