Is there a way to view all the songs in iTunes that are not already on my iPod, either through a setting or a user-script? I frequently add new music to iTunes but only want some of it on my iPod, so I need a method to browse through new music.

The “Date Added” field is not helpful in identifying new music since all my music has the same date due to a recent laptop change. Additionally, my musical preferences may have changed, and I may want to add songs to my iPod that I previously did not want when I first added them to iTunes.

I believe a script that adds all non-iPod songs to a playlist, or assigns a certain attribute to the songs for filtering into a smart playlist, would be useful, but I am unsure how to create one. I am also wondering if there is a built-in method to accomplish this using the iTunes app version on Windows 10.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 24, 2023