I recently switched from an Acer laptop running Windows 7 to a Samsung laptop running Windows 10. I previously used my older laptop with an external monitor and a Logitech keyboard that has a power button, so I could keep the laptop lid closed and wake it up using the keyboard’s power button, keeping the laptop’s monitor disabled.

However, my new laptop doesn’t allow me to wake it up using the keyboard’s power button. I have to open the lid and use the laptop’s power button, then disable the monitor again in Windows display settings.

I have disabled the USB selective suspending setting and looked for the power management properties of the keyboard in the Device Manager, but the tab does not show up.

The keyboard does not appear in the “powercfg -devicequery wake_from_any” list.

C:\Users\User>powercfg -devicequery wake_from_any

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter
ACPI Power Button
Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter
Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #2
PCI-to-PCI Bridge
Intel(R) Management Engine Interface
PCI-to-PCI Bridge (001)

The keyboard is a K270, connected to the laptop via the same USB as the mouse. The drivers for the keyboard and its power button are up to date, but the option to allow the device to wake the computer is grayed out in the Device Manager’s Power Management tab for all USB Root Hubs and Generic USB Hubs.

This is a time-consuming issue and I would greatly appreciate a solution to make the keyboard’s power button work.

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