The subject matter of this post began when OneDrive issued a notification as follows:

  1. When you place your mouse pointer over the name of a folder, the path of the folder is displayed:

  2. Nonetheless, in actuality, this contradicts the information presented in the properties section:

    Furthermore, this time around, the names of the files do not include the decorative prefix of “My”.

  3. Additionally, within the directory {drive-letter}:\Users{username}\OneDrive\Documents, there are no folders named “My Music”, “My Pictures”, or “My Videos”, which goes against the first point. Furthermore, if you attempt to open these folders, a dialog box will be displayed as follows:

    instead of something similar to this one:

  4. Therefore, I attempt to reach them through the command line (using PowerShell without administrative privileges), and this is the outcome:

    No error message is evident, and I can modify the folder’s contents. Additionally, the modifications are reflected at this location:

    This confirms that {drive-letter}:\Users{username}\OneDrive\Documents{My whatever} and {drive-letter}:\Users{username}{whatever} refer to the same directory.

  5. In an effort to address the issue with the OneDrive error message, I relocated the folder to {drive-letter}:\Users{username}\OneDrive. As a result, the system perceives it as a regular folder and automatically duplicates it, thereby perpetuating the error message.

    Therefore, my ultimate objective is to resolve the access issue mentioned in point no 3, which I believe will eliminate the error message.

    Is there a solution available?

Askify Moderator Edited question April 27, 2023