I possess an HP Spectre laptop that operates on Windows 10 OS. I made an attempt to capture a video of a lecture by utilizing the built-in screen recorder feature of Windows 10 (win+alt+R), but encountered two issues:

Firstly, while recording, I am unable to disable my microphone without muting the video’s sound. I desire to only hear the internal audio (audio from the video) and not my own voice.

Secondly, recording in full screen mode is not feasible as pressing the full screen button or F11 halts the recording automatically. It’s important to note that I have permission to record the lecture for my personal use, and there is no violation of copyright laws. The reason for recording is that I cannot always view the lecture online.

Is there a way to resolve this without the need to install any special software? If not, what are some good programs that I could use for this purpose? Would Quicktime work?

Thank you!

Askify Moderator Edited question April 27, 2023