I am using Windows 10 Home (version 10.0.17134 Build 17134) and recently my WiFi connection has been disconnecting frequently. When this happens, it typically takes about 30 seconds to reconnect. I noticed that every time the WiFi disconnects, there is an error in the Event Viewer that says “WLAN AutoConfig service failed to connect to a wireless network.” I have an Android phone and a Mac Book Air that are both near my laptop and they don’t seem to have any issues with the WiFi.

I’m using a Network Adapter called Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 and my WiFi connection is set to “Automatic connection with a profile” with a profile name of “HOME-2.4”. The SSID is “HOME-2.4” and the BSS Type is “Infrastructure”. The error message in the Event Viewer says that the “computer is roaming too often” and that “the security check did not complete after several attempts”. The RSSI value is -59.

Is there a way to fix this problem? I have tried the following:

  • Restarting the router and laptop
  • Forgetting the network and reconnecting
  • Placing the laptop in front of an air conditioner to cool it down
  • Quitting all software programs

Despite these efforts, the WiFi continues to disconnect.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 22, 2023