I am using the Windows 10 Home Edition operating system. Regarding the configuration of a network’s advanced settings, I can make the following observations:

As far as I understand it (please correct me if I’m mistaken), “Private” refers to a local area network (LAN) typically used for home networks, where all machines are assigned IP addresses between and by the router. This setup allows data to be shared between machines on the same network, whether connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

That’s why I use it:

  • “Guest” or “Public” settings are recommended when I require access to a machine outside of my LAN, such as when I am away from home and need to read or write data. However, for my specific purpose of only sharing data within my LAN and not granting external access to a specific directory, I use the following settings:

The reason for this post and my confusion stems from the third option, “All Networks.” I’m unsure if this option is meant to complement the configuration for either “Private” or “Public” networks, or if it represents a third type of network that is unique to Windows. I am assuming it is the former.

As of now, my current configuration is as follows:

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