Could you help me figure out why a particular Windows 10 Home computer is showing an “incorrect username or password” error message when attempting to access it via a local network using the target computer’s own username and password?

This issue occurs even when the specific shares are not being accessed and when simply typing in the \\computer-name itself. This problem persists regardless of the device attempting to access it, whether it is another Windows PC, an Android device, etc.

It’s worth noting that there is another Windows 10 Home computer with identical advanced sharing settings, Windows firewall, default folder shares, etc., which can be accessed without any issues by typing in \\its-computer-name, even from the aforementioned Windows computer.

Both computers utilize Microsoft logins and have known user/password combinations. Is it possible that the problematic Windows computer has a local password that differs from its Microsoft password, causing it to fail?

As soon as I disable password-protected sharing, everything appears to work correctly. I’ve even attempted changing the password to ensure that I have it correctly, but this hasn’t resolved the problem.

Askify Moderator Edited question May 1, 2023