This is a peculiar situation that is difficult to comprehend. My computer is operating on the Windows 10 Education edition.

Last year, I linked my device to my university’s Azure Active Directory and formed a local profile with my student email.

During that time, I also accessed a second account for personal purposes, such as gaming, which was connected to a Microsoft account.

Today, I wanted to create another local account to personalize a separate desktop for a specific type of work. However, when I attempted to switch to this new account, I received an error message indicating an incorrect username or password.

When I tried to type “\username,” I received the message “You can’t sign in with a user ID in this format. Try using your email address instead.”

I considered removing myself from AzureAD, but my main account is linked to it.

I have attempted various solutions, such as filtering out any modified Group Policy settings that might have an impact, examining Regedit modifications, and accessing Advanced User settings to switch the account to local.

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