I’m trying to create a small partition on my computer using the Windows 10 disk management tool for the second time (since a long time ago). The first step is to shrink the C drive and the tool asks me how much I want to shrink it. I choose the minimum amount, which is 1 MB. However, after the process is complete, the disk management tool only shows the original C partition with 1 MB less of space available, but there is no trace of the new small partition that should have been created. I also ran Partition Magic to try to recover any lost partitions, but it didn’t find anything. I’m not sure why this is happening and how to get back the lost space. Can you help me?

[Edit:] As some people have pointed out, the unallocated space was too small to even show up. I tried shrinking the C drive again, this time by 548 MB, and now I can finally see the 2 “lost” MB in the unallocated section. However, when I try to extend the C volume back to its original size, the maximum amount allowed is 548 MB, not 550. It seems like I can’t access those 2 MB even though they are now visible.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 25, 2023