On a Windows 10 computer, accessing the internet through certain applications like Firefox and Edge is possible after connecting to an OpenVPN server. However, Office applications with OneDrive integration, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and Microsoft Store App, do not have internet access, which can lead to licensing issues.

The OneDrive application itself may work sporadically, but the integration within Office does not function properly.

The computer is configured to allow traffic only through the VPN network, with exceptions made for entry-IPs of VPN-servers and certain DNS-providers. This issue pertains to Office 365, but the version is likely irrelevant.

The VPN connection is established using OpenVPN software, and the IP is determined by DHCP, making it challenging to set the gateway IP in the VPN adapter.

A temporary work-around has been found and will be shared, but a more practical solution is needed.

Any alternative approaches to achieving a VPN connection while ensuring that Office applications function correctly are welcome.

Askify Moderator Edited question May 1, 2023