I am experiencing difficulties with sharing files between my networked computers, and despite turning off password-protected sharing, clients attempting to connect to my server are still prompted for a username and password.

The server is a desktop tower called “Ravnica,” running Windows 10 Home 1903, and is connected via Ethernet. The primary client is a laptop called “Innistrad,” running Windows 10 Home 1809, which can connect to the network using either Ethernet or wireless, and the secondary client is a desktop tower called “Ixalan,” running Windows 10 Home 1903 and connected via Ethernet.

When either Innistrad or Ixalan try to connect to Ravnica, they are prompted for a password, even though password-protected sharing is turned off, which is not ideal since Ixalan is my housemate’s PC. Even if the admin username and password for Ravnica are entered, the clients are still unable to connect.

All the computers on the network have the following settings enabled: private network, network discovery, file and printer sharing, 128-bit encryption, public folder sharing, and the same workgroup called “Multiverse.” Additionally, all the folders and printers that need to be shared on Ravnica are set to be shared with read permissions for “Everyone,” and the Microsoft-account-linked user is an admin (the only named user on Ravnica).

I am unsure why the clients are being prompted for a password, even with all the correct settings in place. The network topology includes a wireless AP/switch/router from the ISP, gigabit switch A, Powerline Adaptors, gigabit switch B, Ravnica, and Ixalan.

Innistrad is connected to either the ISP wireless AP/switch/router wirelessly or to gigabit switch A by a wire. Various non-PC devices are also connected to all three switches, including a TV, game consoles, and a Raspberry Pi, but none of them are configured to use the network share.

When either client types “\\RAVNICA” into an explorer address bar, they are prompted for a password and are unable to see the shared folders.

The folders are not located under the “users” folder and are all on the root of a secondary hard disk and are not considered system folders.

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