Short names in NTFS are a compatibility feature for DOS systems that only support 8.3 file names (a file name that consists of up to eight characters, followed by a period and an extension of up to three characters). You can use the dir /x command to display the short names of the files and folders in the current directory.

For example, the folder “C:\Program Files” has the short name “PROGRA~1”. To create a new folder with the short name “PROGRA~1” and make “C:\Program Files” become “PROGRA~2”, you will need to name the new folder something that will result in the short name “PROGRA~1” when it is created. Some possible names that you could try include “Program Files”, “Program Fil”, and “Program File”.

If you have already tried these names and they have not worked, you can try changing the creation, modification, and last write times of the folder using the following PowerShell commands:

$(Get-Item "Program Files").creationtime=$(Get-Date "01/01/2010 00:01 am")
$(Get-Item "Program Files").lastaccesstime=$(Get-Date "01/01/2010 00:01 am")
$(Get-Item "Program Files").lastwritetime=$(Get-Date "01/01/2010 00:01 am")
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