My laptop, a Medion Erazer, is experiencing a serious issue with low disk space due to the ever-growing size of the Windows folder. This folder is currently at 41.9GB, three times larger than the Windows folder on my desktop PC which also runs on Windows 10 pro. I’m not sure why this is happening, and I’m looking for solutions to fix the problem.

After some investigation, I found that the folders System32/DriverStore (17.8 GB), Software Distribution (6.8 GB), and WinSxS (4.4 GB) are consuming the most space. However, on my desktop PC, only the WinSxS folder is nearly as big. I’ve attempted to uninstall old drivers from the driver store, which reduced the size of the DriverStore folder by 3GB, but it still exceeds the size of my entire Windows folder on my desktop PC.

I’m wondering what is causing this significant increase in disk space and if there are any solutions to address the issue.

Askify Moderator Edited question May 1, 2023