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I have a Windows computer with OpenSSH installed, which enables me to remotely access and launch a server application. The application features a console window that accepts command inputs.

My aim is to utilize SSH to remotely monitor the running process and execute commands. Is there an OpenSSH command or a workaround to accomplish this task? Do I need a separate program or API that acts as a temporary shell for the server?

Alternatively, it would be useful to execute commands on a running process without viewing its output.

Thank you.

Update: There is a Linux solution called “screen” that functions as a terminal multiplexer, allowing users to connect or disconnect from different sessions. Unfortunately, I haven’t discovered a similar solution for Windows yet.

Askify Moderator Edited question May 4, 2023

So the application starts a shell when you run it. do you dismiss it and logout, and then want access that shell again later? perhaps tmux or screen are a good bet for you, so you can keep the session with the application shell running in the background, and pull it back up whenever you want. Just an idea.