After removing the webcam from an old Compaq 620 laptop and connecting it to the USB port, it initially appears in the device manager under Cameras as HP Webcam 2.0, but then it is listed as HP Universal Camera Driver under Imaging Devices. However, the external USB camera cannot be detected by any application, including webcam test sites and Skype. If the USB camera is opened in Skype’s audio settings window during the initial auto-installation period, it will show up in the detected cameras list, but it will disappear once it becomes detected as HP Universal Camera Driver.

Although other people have successfully used their old laptop webcams as external USB webcams, this webcam cannot be detected as such. The connections appear to be correct, and power is not an issue, so the problem may be related to finding the correct drivers. The user has found a possible driver for Windows 10, but it is associated with Realtek, which does not seem to be related to the webcam based on the user’s previous experience. The user is concerned about installing the driver because they do not want it to interfere with the built-in webcam.

After installing the driver, the webcam is detected as HP Webcam 2.0 under Imaging Devices, but it causes Skype to hang when selected. The webcam testing utility that comes with the driver also hangs when attempting to preview the webcam. The user has also tried using a USB live install of Puppy Linux to scan for everything connected to USB, but the webcam still cannot be used.

The user is looking for a way to use this USB webcam and is wondering if there is a solution to this problem.

Askify Moderator Edited question April 30, 2023